The advantages of Forex from other investments

The advantages of Forex from other investments

Maybe for those of you who are just interested in online business there is nothing wrong if you try to know and learn online forex trading. why should you try forex trading as your online business? one of the advantages of forex from other online businesses you can make the online forex trading business your main income or just as an additional income. Forex trading has advantages over other investment programs.

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These advantages lie among others in terms of:

1. High ROI

It feels hard to find an investment that offers a high level of return on investment (ROI) even to unlimited except forex trading

2. High liquidity

One of the investment problems is liquidity. Liquidity in forex trading is very high. That means you will always be able to buy or sell currencies that you want to trade and do not know the term failed to deliver. When you take action, there is always another party who will sell it to you, and vice versa. This happens because the scope of forex investment is a world exchange that is connected to each other.

3. The capital needed is relatively small

The capital needed to participate in forex trading is relatively small. Compared to other fields, such as stocks, which require a minimum capital of $ 2000. Or investment in sectors that can be exchanged for up to $ 5,000. In Forex trading, there are many places that provide intermediary transactions with minimum capital. Brokers who only provide a minimum deposit of $ 5 only. The nominal is of course very small to try to get to know the forex business.

4. Trading hours 24 hours a day and 5 days a week

There is no word night or day in the world of forex trading. The market lasts for 24 hours a day starting from the markets of Australia, Asia, Europe to America. Compare that with the stock exchange which is only open at office hours or commodity markets which are open only in the morning until afternoon. If you are also an office worker, you can still trade forex trading at night after going home and will not interfere with your working hours.

5. Anywhere, anytime and anyone can join

Yes, investment knows no caste, so does forex trading. Whoever you are, traders, workers, housewives or even a farmer, can join. And even more amazing, with the progress of the internet, you can trade anywhere without having to go to the stock exchange or call your dealer directly. This obviously saves time and money.

6. Investors act actively in their investment

Unlike other investments where investor can only trust funds managed by third parties (reksadana, insurance, deposits). But in forex trading you are the businessman to determine for yourself when and how much you have to invest through buying or selling. Now your investment depends on yourself and not on others.

7 Real time prices that you can access at any time for free

You can monitor prices in real time using a platform from a broker. in fact, at this time you can directly use a smartphone to monitor price movements at any time.

8 Demo account available

You can have a Demo Account for free without paying a dime! If you are new to the world of forex, a demo account will be very helpful. Prices listed are almost the same as the actual ones on demo accounts. Only different servers with a difference of 1 pip above the real account.

9. Have leverage

In general, the leverage offered is 1: 100 or 1: 200. This means that with one part issued, you can buy or sell as many as 100 parts. This is the advantage of margin trading where only the guarantee is needed to buy or sell the items needed. In this forex trading implemented with a capital of $ 100, you can buy dollars of $ 10,000 and vice versa for selling. High leverage and low margins can basically increase profits or losses. Thus you must consider the investment risks and your investment plan.

10. Online reporting and transaction

In the past, forex trading was done by telephone and written reports and transaction results were sent to you every month. But now with internet access, you can view your transaction reports and access yourself whenever you want without having to wait for a report from the broker.

11. Security and confidentiality are guaranteed

Transactions with the internet are not always able to secure your funds. Legitimate brokers will provide encrypted transaction data and your funds will be stored in a separate account.

Now, back to you to consider it objectively and adjust it to your investment goals.

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