The Key To Be A Successful Trader Of Simons

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The Key To Be A Successful Trader Of Simons

Successful Trader – James Harris Simons or Jim Simons, is someone who is very famous in the financial world. Not without cause, Simons is famous for ever breaking into Wall Street using a quantum mathematical formula. Simons is also a very popular successful trader and one of the most calculated Hedge Funds.

In 1982, when Simons was 44 years old. Simons built Renaissance Technologies and served as its CEO, but in 2010 he resigned. Despite being out of office, Simons still has the authority as a non-executive head of Renaissance Technologies.

Simons is actually a mathematician who is the owner of the Hedge Fund institution as well as a donor of a charity. However, in 2008 to 2009, Renaissance Technologies had horrendous Wall Street. This is because they print a very impressive trading portfolio when in a market condition that is frantically due to the financial crisis.


Jim Simons, born in 1983 in Brookline, Massachusetts. Her love of mathematics since childhood has made her the subject of much talk. At the age of 14, he had worked as a janitor who had previously worked as a supply supervisor.

Entering 1955, Simons then managed to enter at one of his dream universities, and he majored in mathematics as he wanted. After successfully graduating successfully, Simons then returned to continue his studies at the University of California. He managed to get a doctor’s degree when he was still 23 years old.Until finally Simons was appointed a lecturer or lecturer at mathematics at Harvard and MIT.

In 1962, Simons was subsequently recruited by an agency that played a major role in his expertise of The Institute for Defense Analyzes (IDA). However, four years later Simons came out and became the leader of the mathematics department at Stony Brook University. There Simons helped the development of mathematical and physical formulas. In 1978 Simons then began to widen his bow with a deep knowledge of finance that later formed a team of Hedge Fund Monemeterics.

Success Stories

Even if it does not produce good results in a field that he enjoys. However Simons was awarded as a mathematician and also a master code breaker for IDA.

Then, Monemetrics’s hedge fund team formed by Simons became the seed of Renaissance Technologies. Simons then entered and became a successful trader as well as the richest man in the order of 67 versions of Forbes at that time. When trading his trading business, Simons hired several scientists of science such as physicists, astronomers, mathematics. However, there are no economists and financial experts.

This is because Simons does not know how he should employ someone to run his fundamental trading. So he only works with a few people, some are successful and some are not. He empowers many scientists because he really knows how to empower him. Because Simons said that he had a special taste in the field, that’s why he did it.

Jim Simons And Renaissance Technologies

In 1982 Jim Simons began to find his gap. He started developing his trading business and started forming a Renaissance Technologies Hedge Fund company.In 1988 he decided to use quantitative analysis as a method to decide which trade would be good to enter.

As in the beginning Renaissance Technologies was still employing some of the science scientists he had recruited. Simons is known as the Quant King is starting to develop his business very rapidly just by utilizing the field of expertise that he really mastered. That mathematics is then formulated with a very complex.

As time goes by Renaissance Technologies is known as the Hedge Fund company of science experts who are highly recognized by the world because of its outstanding trading portfolio. Although it had fallen in 1989 Simons then rose again.

Entering 1944 Simons and his wife, Marilyn Simons, formed a foundation of The Simons Foundation to support education, health and science. Simons also managed to donate 1 billion US dollars to provide support for autism research. In addition, Simons also succeeded in establishing Math for America.

Key to Successful Of Jim Simons Success

Here is the key to success to become a trusted trader of Jim Simons:

  1. Hire science experts

As stated earlier when establishing the Hedge Fund, Simons did not employ people who understood economics and finance. In addition to the fact that Simons was aware that he was not an expert in the field, Simons was also very optimistic that the global market he could collapse using the exact science he had. Simons a successful trader then concluded that the foundation of finance is mathematics.

  1. Identify profitable trading

Truly the strategy Renaissance Technologies used to make a lot of money and money is no big secret. But the background of the education of people in it is considered to make them able to use a quantitative trading strategy. According to an article the analysts identify the market and also peel it out using a secret algorithm.

  1. Not sharing strategy

Jim Simons is very closed, even he rarely raises his face on TV, in print media he was reluctant to conduct interviews. So during his 30 years of travel at Renaissance Technologies, no one knows for certain how a company can make money. Even Simons never give demands to his employees for leaking corporate strategy.

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