The Latest Profitable Daily Forex Ways and Analysis

The Latest Profitable Daily Forex Ways and Analysis

Latest Advantages and Daily Forex Analysis – Forex is an acronym for Foreign Exchange. Activities carried out in the forex business are trading activities using currencies of countries that have high value. Forex gain is derived from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of a currency. This difference is usually caused by the value of a country’s currency has increased or has experienced a decline. One of the causes of the value of this currency experiencing an increase or decrease is daily news that correlates with the country’s finances.

In forex there are two analyzes, namely technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is an analysis that relies on data presented in graphs.This graph will display the numbers that correspond to the existing price movements. As with technical analysis, fundamental analysis is an analysis that utilizes the latest news related to a country. Therefore, a trader must not only know how to analyze numerical data, but also experts analyze existing fundamental news.

Analysis of daily forex based on fundamental factors or news is certainly different from the analysis that results in a number chart. Traders must know that the focus of currency value movements is its economic factor. This news has a correlation with daily forex, such as news that can weaken the value of a currency and strengthen a currency. The condition of a country’s currency values ​​reflects its economic condition.

Fundamental analysis is used by investors to capture opportunities that might arise from the data and news of economic factors. This fundamental analysis is not looking at the graph but looking at the global economy, then the fundamental analysis is also more suitable if applied in long-term transactions. Things that need to be understood, even though the graph presents exact numbers that are explicit, but changes that occur as a result of daily news analysis also have a big role in price movements. Daily analysis of this news will help traders understand the global trend of a currency that is related to a country’s economy.

Basic Fundamentals and Main Fundamentals

There are two main things that concern the fundamental factors, namely the basic fundamentals and the main fundamentals.
  • Basic Fundamentals

This fundamental factor will represent the general economic situation. Economic factors will usually be represented by news that repeats within a certain period and has an influence on market movements. This basic fundamentals has sporadic and transient characteristics, although it does not rule out the possibility of having a large influence on the broad trend in the future. The intended sporadic nature is seen by the reality of the market which often reacts to surprises from big news that comes out and is not in accordance with everyone’s estimates of the things predicted. For beginners, significant news from the United States such as unemployment, inflation and others needs to be a specific target.This is because the USD currency is still recognized as a strong currency in global trade, so the movement of USD will affect the movement of other currencies.

  • Main Fundamentals

The main fundamental factors relate to big things and affect the price movements that are not planned in advance. The access used to reach the main fundamental news is also more difficult when compared to the basic fundamentals. One example is subprime mortgege that occurs in America. Forex traders should have the instinct for the major changes resulting from the fundamental analysis carried out.

Daily Forex Analysis with Fundamental News

As said before if fundamental analysis is done by utilizing daily news that has a correlation with the economic factors of a country. This fundamental news does not give rise to predictions of real currency movements such as on technical charts. Not all news has an influence on the forex market movements. Therefore, traders must know what news can be used as analytical material. Some examples of these news include:
  • Daily Forex Analysis – Inflation News

Inflation in a country is usually caused by various things, one of which is the amount of exports that is greater than the amount of imports in a country. This will trigger money circulating in the country and inflationary pressure arises.Another example occurs when state expenditures are too large so that inflation is also triggered. Inflation will weaken a country’s currency. If this happens the country’s currency will weaken so that if the owner of a currency asset will experience a loss. If the trader already has this prediction before then he will sell his assets before this inflation occurs or hold it until this inflation period subsides.

  • Daily Forex Analysis – News Number of Unemployed

The amount of unemployment of a country becomes one of the fundamental news that has an influence on the economic condition of a country. Countries that have a high number of unemployed can mean that the government cannot fulfill the work needs of its citizens. This country can be interpreted as a country with a risky economic situation. Traders will avoid the country’s currency like this because it is considered detrimental and has a low value.

  • Daily Forex Analysis – News of goods and services

The amount of goods and services produced by a country has an important meaning in determining the market condition of its currency. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in one country can be observed within one year.

  • Daily Forex Analysis – Retail Sales News

This news is one that forex traders are waiting for. This retail sales news will show the pattern of consumers in shopping activities within a period of a year.

  • Daily Forex Analysis – Industry Product News

Countries that have strong currency values ​​usually have industrial products. If a fundamental news indicates that the country has the maximum amount of industrial production, it can be interpreted that the value of the country’s currency also strengthens and moves in a positive direction.

This news will show the price index of goods needed by consumers. This news will show if a country will not reap revenue from an item or service.

Traders React to Fundamental News

The currency market is very reactive to economic news so that significant fluctuations occur. These fluctuations are usually caused by unusual news and most economic data has a lower effect, but on the one hand it also has the effect of providing opportunities for profit in a timely manner. Trading using daily news can be used as a method of finding consolidation periods and short-term fluctuations before or after the announcement and trading breakouts.

Discipline is needed even though long-term trading has a big profit opportunity.The forex market will open 24 hours for 5 days. You need to choose the right trading time so it doesn’t need to be maintained for that long. The easiest time is when prices are in one open market simultaneously. Ney York and London trading hours are the most widely traded.

Traders should have general knowledge of basic and basic fundamental factors in order to make trading decisions or not. You can choose to become a trader who utilizes the market flow when changes are taking place or just moves away when the turmoil is high to reduce the risk of loss.

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