Top Ten 10 Online Business Ideas

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Top Ten 10 Online Business Ideas

You are confused about what business ideas are suitable to run? do not be confused because posting the Top Ten 10 Online Business Ideas will discuss business ideas that you can run online and easily.

As we have seen before that the internet has enormous power in our lives today. Starting from the ease of finding information for school / college assignments, conducting sale / purchase of goods, transportation, and even reaching the world of investment.

At this time it can be ascertained that it is almost impossible to find people who have never seen a cellphone or never opened the internet. Starting from small children to adults, all must see the internet even if they only check the status on Facebook, look for models on Pinterest, or update stories on Instagram.

With the internet we can easily connect with other people in the world and if you want to sell products then this is the time for you to meet with potential buyers / users of your goods or services. The thing you need to do is how to effectively promote your business to the world through the internet.

Ten lists of online business ideas below can at least help you find some other business ideas that you can run online.

Top Ten 10 Online Business Ideas

  1. Providing online advertising services in charge of bringing together advertisers (sellers) with potential buyers.
  2. Create a trade portal that is responsible for bringing together sellers and buyers in certain categories (houses, apartments, books and others)
  3. Providing personal blog or website creation services.
  4. Selling applications or software.
  5. Selling e-books online.
  6. Providing joke making services (funny words) or cartoons.
  7. Providing friendship or dating services.
  8. Providing online training services.
  9. Business review products.
  10. Google Adsense.

Online Business Ideas No. 1

If you are someone who has talent as a broker then this online business idea might be very suitable for you.

This online business idea is inspired by information media companies commonly referred to as newspaper names for the past. One of these business revenues comes from a classified ad column whose advertising price is determined by the number of words and images used for promotion.

I used to personally use his Jawa Pos advertising services to find private tutoring students! Good Idea ….

And now, you can create a website that provides classified advertisement services like the newspaper information media. To be more attractive to customers, you can provide free classified ads as well as providing premium advertising as a source of income.

An example of this online business success is which used to be known as who provides adverts for buying and selling used goods (I used to sell / buy cars here). And this business network not only exists in Indonesia but also many abroad.

This is one example of a website that has successfully run this online business idea! while beyond that there are many more who have succeeded.

Online Business Ideas No. 2

Actually, this business idea is almost the same as online business idea no.1, but they are more specific, for example, if you want to become a realtor of property, then you can create a trade portal for buying and selling property such as his

For this No. 2 online business idea, please ask yourself what is your passion in the world of selling / buying? if the property then please make a website like this or if you are smart as a broker for a boarding house, then please create a website for a boarding house.

Online Business Ideas No.3

For online business idea No. 3 it is more likely to those who have a passion in website creation. If you are a Webmaster then please open a website / blog creation service online to capture a large number of customers.

I am sure that the services of a webmaster will definitely continue to be needed in this world (online)! as time goes by.

Be a professional person in running this business because if you run this business professionally the money will flow into your pocket.

Don’t run this business halfway if you want to be successful with the passion you have.

Online Business Ideas No.4

If you are a programmer or someone who just likes to download various kinds of software either pirated, freeware, or original then like to share it with your friends. Why don’t you just sell software or applications?

Lots of people who successfully sell applications / software on the internet, rich, and a lot of time enjoying the beauty of nature with family.

The application / software that you will sell can come from your own property, meaning that you create an application then sell it through your online store or application / software you can get from another party by buying or agreement.

If you don’t have time to create an online store, you can use the Play Store on Android to sell it.Especially if you look at the habits of people at this time that is most often see the cellphone rather than see their partner 🙂

To run an online business this should be very easy because the products you sell don’t have to be sent in physical form but your customers can download them through your website. And of course you must implement a sophisticated security system, especially for intruders who can steal your product.

Online Business Idea No.5

If you are someone who has certain skills such as cooking, dietitians, good at doing business, or having other skills and want to share it with others, then what’s wrong with taking a little profit.

Write your ideas into an E-Book and distribute them to those who really need them in exchange for just a few dollars or rupiah. If your E-Book is valued at Rp. 50,000, and you are able to sell as many as 1,000 downloads, you can get Rp. 50,000,000.

You don’t need to spend a dime to make a product, but what you need is the time and expertise / experience you want to share.

But if you don’t have any expertise and can’t write an E-Book that is useful for many people then Don’t Worry You can still sell E-Books to many people by following affiliates from or other affiliate providers.

In order for the E-Book that you sell is selling well then write an E-Book that is really high quality and not nuts.

Out there, not just clickbank affiliate ebook players, but there are those who are ready to compete.

Online Business Ideas No.6

If you are a person who includes making others happy / laughing with funny words then why don’t you make a stand up comedy! or you can write these funny words into the website and get the money!

You can sell funny words to people who need 🙂 who knows close friends You need them to entertain themselves.

Because many people are stressed out, I’m sure there are so many people who need you to just entertain them.

Actually you don’t have to sell funny words (jokes) directly to those who want to be entertained but you can monetize your blog that contains these funny words.

Above are some categories of funny words that can inspire you! hopefully help reduce your stress 🙂

Online business idea No.7

If in the past you were someone who likes to be your friend matchmaker at school then it seems like this online business idea is perfect for you. Yes! You can continue to be a good person by becoming a matchmaker by opening an online dating agency.

Make a dating search website that helps those who are looking for a life partner. and you need to know that this work is very noble but don’t make online dating agencies that are contrary to religious or moral norms like

The thing you need to do is create rules that make your dating partner member comfortable and sure that they will find their best match in your place.

Online Business Ideas No.8

If you are a professional in the field of music, sports, cooking or singing and want to share your skills with others premiumly, you can sell them through a website.

You can save your skill tutorials in a video or ebook and let others buy it if they want to be experts like you.

In addition to selling in the form of video or ebook you can sell it in the form of membership (member) with a fee that you have determined first.

Online Business Ideas No.9

If you are a person who likes shopping and then likes to comment on your shopping then making an online business about product reviews you can think of. You can become a tester for a product and give your best review of the product.

The results of your review can be a reference to other people whether to buy the product that you are reviewing or not.

Online Business Ideas No.10

You must have often heard the term google adsense! you might even have gotten a lot of money from this lucrative business. Yes! Be a publisher, go Google with a way to make writing interesting and useful for many people. And make your blog / website as a reference for many people.

If the visitors of your blog / website are very numerous, say 1000,000 (million) visitors per day, then you can be sure that you will become rich from the blog / website provided that the writing in your blog is not against the rules and provisions of google.

Lots of people in the world who are rich from this Google program include Indonesians. The main key to running this business is how many people will visit your blog / website.

And so that many people visit your blog / website then please make a very useful content and of course the topic that is sought after by many people !!!. JUST IT!

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