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Trading is a job that is more psychological and your success or vice versa, your failure in the forex market depends on your psychological. If you decide to move to trading systematically, it does not reduce emotional distress in making decisions when trading.


Often, Forex traders argue that the absence of emotions can help when trading. But worries, fears, greed, hopes, beliefs, regrets and happiness are present in the process of trading. Emphasizing emotions when there are feelings that encompass you, means that you ignore your sixth sense, intuition and finally your insight.

Emotions also deliver information flow to us. We are guided by this information, acting on that information. But this is given to us to control our emotions and to change one sentiment to another.

There are several ways to control emotions:

First, you can change your emotions by changing the object of concentration. this method is very effective. The thing that really interests us seems to be made real for us. You can feel the loss, or instead imagine the chance to get a profit. Second, by changing beliefs and beliefs that you can change your emotions. Every trust we maintain during our lifetime becomes a kind of filter for us, which affects all the information we receive. All views accumulated during our lives affect the interpretations that our conscious mind will receive. And finally, the third step to changing our emotions is with changes in physiology. Changes in breathing, expression, body position, tone and tempo of your voice, all of these have an effect on emotions not only for forex traders, but also everyone.

Center of attention

The center of attention is the most significant element in your emotional state. Because when you focus on something in the process of trading Forex, something is not only an ongoing reality but also factual reality. All actions affect your interpretation of events and their consequences affect your emotions. All this manipulates your behavior, and your decision to accept the meaning of emotional connotations. In this case, it is needed to clarify priorities: What are you waiting for? Do you anticipate possible losses? or do you expect profits?

Those who only see losses seem to be hesitant to enter the market or even break the transaction. But when deciding to enter the market, they quickly gain profits.

Trading is an effort to balance. A trader should focus on profits and losses and try to balance the two. A trader should concentrate on the probability of his method, and concentrate on the information provided by the market, because that is the most accurate and reliable.

Forex Physiology

It has been proven that our bodies manage our emotions, and emotions affect our thinking. The easiest and most fixed step to changing your emotional state is to change your physiology – the tempo and length of your breath, your voice or even your posture.

Pay attention to your position, the way you sit, breathe, whether your facial muscles, your shoulders and muscles all over your body are tense. If you feel uncomfortable, you should sit in a position that is comfortable for you.

Really simple physiological manipulation can be an effective instrument to control your feelings / emotions. Take control of your emotions, and this will truly make you a more successful trader!

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