Trading Tips With Fundamental Speed ​​Strategy

Trading Tips With Fundamental Fundamental Strategies

This strategy takes the opportunity of trading from the release of economic data. Compare the actual data and analysts’ forecast data and find out the market sentiment for this data. This economic data release can be seen on some websites such as Forexfactory, Investing, Dailyfx and others.

But all this there is a bit of publication delay when the actual data release. It would be better if you or your broker has a news feed from Reuters or Bloomberg that instantly publishes the data. As used by big players.

The trading opportunities that arise is when the actual data is different from the expected data so that there is great price fluctuations (hectic).

Do not do anything neutral

If the actual number of economic data released is equal to the analyst’s estimate, then you should not do trading (open positions). Trading with fundamental speed strategy only gives you some trading options on certain days only and there is always the temptation to enter trading positions in neutral conditions. It is important to always keep your emotions in order not to be tempted.

More opportunities, more profits

A retail trader is required to seek trading opportunities for success. The search process of this opportunity will create a profitable trading strategy. Related to the fundamental speed strategy, here are some benefits of using this strategy.

First, you just need or spend a little time in analyzing the graph. Trading technically can be a complex arena in starting trading.

As your ability develops as a retail trader, you can combine trading technically with a fundamental speed strategy to maximize your exit strategy. But if you are just starting out, you can avoid the graph and just focus on the fundamentals, ie dovish and hawkish.

Second, you have a forex schedule. The forex market is a market that operates 24 hours for 5 days (Monday to Friday). But your ability obviously can not trade nonstop. For many retail traders, the most difficult part of trading is finding out the best time to open positions. Some traders still work (in other fields) and have to trade after hours, others are full-time traders (trader for living). By using the fundamental speed strategy, you know the right time for trading.

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