TV Channels You Must Watch For Forex Information Updates

TV Channels You Must Watch For Forex Information Updates

Forex investment is getting more and more popular. Even the number of investors has grown rapidly. Now with the progress of this forex trading world, it has an impact on the increasing desire of these investors to get the latest information about the condition of the money market.


TV Channels You Must Watch For Forex Information Updates

To respond to the public interest, the media was busy adding news about foreign exchange. Starting from print to electronic media. Now for electronic media you can get tan updates about forex information from the following channels:


Blomberg is a broadcast channel that you can access via cable TV services.Blomberg TV can provide the latest information about business, money markets, the economy and the United States. Furthermore, in this channel you will get an in-depth analysis of geopolitics, the latest economic data, market movements, US presidential campaign, Brexit, international politics and much more. No exception about forex information. For example about the economic calendar, then you will be able to guess the good position that you will take .. In addition, in this channel there are also frequent conversations with analysts and leading forex figures. So by watching this one channel, you can get updates about various forex information. Even by watching this channel, you can be inspired and can develop your strategy before making a transaction.


CNBC is one of the channels that broadcast actual news about money markets, capital markets and commodity markets throughout the day. Furthermore, in this channel you can also watch interviews with analysts who are already prominent in the world. So this one channel, will really help you to update information about forex. That way, you can create a strategy before making a transaction. Even watching this channel might give you solutions and inspiration for your trading.

Forex Live

Forex Live is an online TV service about forex news. Here are lots of updates about forex news. In this live forex, will be discussed about changes in trends and trend estimates that will occur next. Economic news and the state of a country that affects the market and much more. By looking at forex tv on live forex, it will help you in getting the latest information from the forex market.

JTV & Metro TV

Almost every day, this one TV channel always presents various news to consultation on forex trading issues. Even those invited as speakers, you could say are people who are experts in the field of forex in Indonesia. So by watching this one channel, you will get various tips so that your forex trading can be successful. These tips, usually based on forex techniques and analysis that can be considered mature. Both technical and fundamental analysis


CNN is one of the best business channels ever. Lots of economic news discussed here, including news about forex. By watching CNN channels, you can acknowledge the economic conditions and issues that exist in a country. From there, you can estimate and know the impact on the movement and strength of a country’s currency. This is because in this channel there is often news about financial analysis from several countries. In addition to economic and forex news, in this one channel, it also often presents actual news about capital markets, commodities. There are even interviews with analysts who are already famous in the world.

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