Tweezer top – technical analysis

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Tweezers pattern is a minor trend reversal pattern consisting of two candlesticks with approximately the same or equal height or some other variation. This is the only candlestick pattern where the highest or lowest level is the most (important) factor of the real body or the candle shape.

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Tweezer top – technical analysis

If the tweezers pattern appears in an uptrend, then this pattern is called Top Tweezers or Top Tweezers and MUST have the same high level (high). But if the tweezers pattern appears in the descending trend, then this pattern is called Tweezers Bottom or Bottom Tweezers and MUST have the same low (low) level.


Tweezer top – technical analysis

In addition, the two candlesticks that make up the tweezers pattern must have a different color to the first to confirm the current trend and the second candle indicates a weakening trend.

This pattern is more reliable when the first candlestick has a large real body (long) while the second candlestick has a short real body. Also if the tweezers pattern is confirmed or formed another pattern, such as engulfing or piercing pattern with the same high (low) or low (low) level.

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Tweezer top – technical analysis

Top Tweezers pattern or upper tweezers pattern appears in uptrend and impacts the trend reversal to bearish or often called bearish reversal. The first candlestick in the top tweezers pattern should be a bullish candlestick with a large real body followed by a bearish candlestick with a short real body. The two candle-shaping patterns of the top tweezers must have the same high (high) level or the real body should be at the same level. This pattern is more reliable when viewed in the context of a larger price graph (large timeframe) with the appearance of top tweezers at the highest (high) level, or near the resistance or trend line.

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