Want to be an Intraday Trader?

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Want to be an Intraday Trader? This is how it works and benefits that can be obtained

Intraday Trader – In this discussion we will focus on discussing what is meant by intraday traders and some of the benefits that can be obtained. The discussion this time will be very useful for beginners who currently do not have a clear trading style and are still in the trial and error phase.

The following is a further explanation.

Intraday Trading

Trading with intraday techniques is to make sales within 1 business day or a maximum of 2 working days. In this way, you have to really know when it’s the right time to make a purchase and when it’s the right time to sell.

Now let’s take an intraday example in the case of trading shares, where in 1 year the JCI has at least 200 working days. With the probability of winning using this technique is only 6/10 and every profit will get 1.4% and so will the losses that will be earned.

The profit calculation is like this, because only 60% will produce meaning that there are only around 120 working days. With profits reaching 1.4%, it means there will be a total profit of around 168%.

On the other hand the loss was around 1.4%, so it was 1.4% multiplied by 1.4% per day thus there would be a loss of 112%. So in one know the percentage of loss and profit you will get makes a surplus of 56%.

The ratio we exemplify with the sahan case is not the original benchmark, because if you are able to design rules and a good system, the profit ratio can be increased even more.

The advantage of using intraday techniques is that as traders you only need to open 1 position per pair in one day. With positions opened and closed in one day, you don’t need to worry about getting a swap or negative interest.

5 Positive Values ​​When You Trade Intraday

1. The ability to see market movements

Most traders feel that getting a daily profit is better than playing in the long run.So traders not only get the benefits, but can also hone their trading skills.

Thus traders can hone their ability to predict the pattern of market movements.The market can also provide an open opportunity to process daily profits for traders.

2. Reducing Stress Levels

Intraday traders have a tendency to not sleep to monitor their position. They prefer to know the results of their hard work before they can go to bed.

Jada traders with this type prefer to sleep in a calm state and do not need to worry about their position again. With a quieter resting pattern, traders with this type can avoid the stress.

3. Save Margin

An intraday trader can save margins, when compared to traders who understand their position overnight.

4. Low Trading Costs

Intraday trading has lower swap costs. So that traders can get a full profit without a large swap cut.

5. Lack of Risk

The next benefit is that trading with intraday techniques tends to make you feel safe. Because, this technique will prevent you from arriving market movements that can beat positions when open overnight.

3 Trading Products You Can Use to Intraday Trading

1.Index Hangseng, Dow Jones, Nasdaq

Where you can start by first trading in Hang Seng in the morning and evening and then proceeding with the United States market at night.

2. Forex currency GBP / USD, EUR / USD

We recommend that these 2 currency pairs be chosen, because the movements tend to follow the economic data that is available every day.


Then you can trade gold, because the daily movement has a large range. Even so, you still have to pay attention to money management, because gold trading is very volatile.

Although there are several benefits you can get, trading in this way requires a hard work and sacrifice that needs to be done by a trader. The thing you have to remember is that it is impossible to be a trader in just one day.

You also still have to hone your trading strategy and understand well the fundamental analysis that is done.

Many traders prefer intraday traders because of the challenge of seeing the daily adrenaline-driven price movements.

If you are a person who is not easily bored with existing charts and is able to see the price movements that go up and down every day, then intraday trading is the type of trading that is suitable for use.


Each type of trading has its own advantages and disadvantages and you can use it according to your personality. We hope that the full explanation we have made regarding this intraday trader is very useful for all of you who have read it.

If you feel fit to apply a technique like this, then don’t hesitate to try it. If you still need other explanations related to the topic above, don’t hesitate to ask us through the comments column below. We will gladly answer every question that comes in.

Hopefully what we have said above is useful and inspiring!

Good luck!

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