What is a Market Order

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What is a Market Order

What is a Market Order? is one type of order that can be used as a strategy to open a forex trading. When you open forex trading, either SELL or BUY with the order type At Market , the price you will get is the current market price and this type of order is very suitable for use especially when you do not want to miss the price.
In addition we can get the best market prices directly we can also set the amount of stop loss and profit limits so that we do not need to continuously see the monitor screen.
Besides we can get prices directly we can also get prices that are in accordance with our predictions using the Market Range order type.
By using the Marker Range order type you can get prices according to your price range. For example, your Market Range is set to 0.4 Pips, then the forex trade that you are opening is only executed if the market price is the same as the Market Price + – Your Market Range. And if the price is out of the price range then your forex trading will not be executed.
For example, the market price rate of 1.11440 and Market Range is set to 0.4, so when the price has not touched 1.11436 – 1.11444, the trade that you are opening will not be executed.
How, still confused? if so please try opening a DEMO Account and practice how to open this forex trading order.

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