What is Forex Repaint Indicator?

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What is Forex Repaint Indicator?

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What is Forex Repaint Indicator?

You must have heard the repaint indicator. Yes, repaint means re-image. An indicator called repaint is that the form always changes every candle change of a certain period. Many indicators are predictive and its ability to guide traders in making the right trading decisions. The many hundreds of indicators available, from the most popular to tailored and customized by retail traders, depend on a number of varied data.

You should also know, in generating this indicator whether to use open or close prices or current prices. Point to give latest information to trader. Differences in the use of these prices cause the indicators can be considered repaint and not repaint.

Repainting occurs when the indicator depends on the current price in order to keep it up to date accurately. Therefore, every time the candle price is still open / move, the indicator potentially move higher or lower until there is confirmation of closing. Indicators that do not repaint, usually based on data provided through open candle prices that are currently running. The indicator will not change until the next open candle price.

Many forex traders assume that repaint indicators can be very misleading, inaccurate with current conditions. But it will still look good when looking at the previous graph. You must first identify the indicator including repaint or not repaint. If necessary you should see the formation formula of the indicator.

An example of what is often called a repaint indicator is MA or Moving Average. Yes, the formation of the MA indicator is by calculating the average price used from a certain period. MA (20) is the average price movement of the last 20 candles. Includes the current candle that is moving. So the meaning of MA including repaint is if you use the close price for the average calculation so that in the last candle MA will continue to move count if the price close in the candle is still moving.

Well different again if you use MA Crossing strategy, is this included with the repaint strategy?

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