What Is Forex Trading Really?

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What Is Forex Trading Really?

After working in the corporate world for about three years, I was at the crossroads of my life. Even though I have a comfortable job as a quantitative analyst at a good financial management company. I realized that the work would never help me achieve my financial goals. After all this took up most of my time. (In fact your work will always fill many hours of work in your entire life. Think about it!)

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So, I considered a number of options that might help me achieve my financial goals. However, I realized so quickly that the simplicity of all types of businesses involved obstacles in the form of high costs. I might have to invest S $ 50,000 to S $ 100,000 to start this business. With a high monthly fee, above thousands of dollars. How long can my business return capital? Maybe two or three years, if everything goes well. Maybe a lot longer. For me, that does not mean that I will thus enter into a traditional business.

How to distinguish forex trading?

If you think like that, then a broker produces his wealth. When you make money from transactions, you are making a wealth of ingredients as follows:

  • Technical charts
  • News-Fundamental analysis
  • Your mental response to these two things

Some people are mistaken about trading forex as an end game. For example, a game where your victory is the defeat of another person. Personally, the right and constructive way to look at it is to see trade as a journey. A trip that is most suitable for the use of your mind in achieving wealth from the beginning, and for achieving financial independence !.

You no longer depend on your boss’s fantasies and behavior. Your income can no longer be trusted to deceive others in the business. You will definitely not invite anyone or direct your way through the complexity of office politics. That is to climb the company ladder! In principle, a forex trader is formed by himself.

The goal is clear.

That is to produce enough wealth to fulfill meaningful life goals, whatever they are. Wealth which, although not allowing a job to spend all your time. Then you can have plenty of free time to do things that really benefit you.

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