What is Initial Jobless Claim? Why is this data so influential on Forex?

What is Initial Jobless Claim? Why is this data so influential on Forex?


There is a lot of data that is very influential on trading in forex market, one of the data is initial jobless claim. The data relates to the United States of America that provides benefits for its unemployed population with certain criteria. The criteria for getting unemployment benefits are those who are physically disabled, are suddenly fired from work, are fired without proper procedures, and so forth.

Every week this data will continue to be evaluated which aims to ensure that people who receive are those who really need it and not people who can work and just want to make a profit.

People who have just lost their jobs can apply for this benefit. On the other hand those who do not meet the criteria can cancel the allowance provided.

Based on the information that we have stated above, initial jobless claims are the number of new applications or claims submitted by the community to get unemployment benefits.

Because changes that occur on a weekly basis are too volatile to describe unemployment, then usually on the forex calendar is made an average of 4 weeks to monitor the initial jobless claims metrics .

Along with the initial jobless claims data there is also the release of continuing jobless claims data that will account for all communities receiving benefits.

Initial Jobless Claims and Its Relationship With Forex

Data relating to the above is observed by traders, investors, and various other financial actors. This is because existing data will show new unemployment numbers reported by the government.

Initial jobless claims will give an indication of the employment report which further affects the labor statistics.

On the other hand, the trends that occur in employment are the main factors that are taken into consideration for those who take economic policy both the authorities and the decisions of investors and entrepreneurs.

Data Initial Jobless Claim

Initial jobless claims are the application of new unemployment benefits and this data is issued by the US Department of Labor or the US Department of Labor.

If you look at the data from 1967 to 2016, the average initial jobless claims reached 350,000 applications. The highest data from the filing of this application occurred in 1982 ago which reached 695,000, while the lowest application data occurred in 1968 which is only 162,000 only.

Figures and data related to this initial jobless claims you can pay attention to the forex calendar. If you do not use the forex calendar, you can see the latest reports on the US Department of Labor website.

Meaning of Data Above for Investors

The data above will reflect the latest data relating to those who leave work and this will show the health of the economy in that timeframe.

Jobless Claim Report gets a lot of attention by many people due to the simplicity of the theory, whereby the healthier job market will be healthier as well as the existing economy. The more people who work, the more income they can spend and subsequently can increase Gross Domestic Product.

Figures or data related to jobless claims above are often underestimated on a day full of news and almost neglected by actors on Wall Street. Plus when investors are unsure of the direction of the economy in the future.

Most economists argue that the continuing change seen from the data (Initial Jobless Claim) of jobless claims above 30,000 is a benchmark for job growth or job losses in the economy. The numbers below are considered not statistically significant by many analysts in the market.

Positive Value of Data

Weekly available reports will provide the most up-to-date data in real time, besides the release time that often makes investors more easily apply data to make decisions quickly, initial claims are available dirty and clean with seasonal adjustments that will provide details about individual results in the country, data in the state will be displayed together with comments from related agencies relating to the industry.

Weaknesses that need attention

Summer and other seasonal jobs will tend to change numbers, are very vulnerable to revisions to reports made, jobless claims tell very little about the state of the economy as a whole, no details per industry are available.


Overall unemployment claims are data related to employment information in the US. With the data released, investors and traders can make decisions regarding their financial activities.

There are many advantages that can be obtained when you use the data Initial Jobless Claim is the ease you know the labor market in various industries.However, some people do not really care about the data because of some weaknesses.

However, we strongly encourage you to use this unemployment claims data as a step to make forex trading decisions made.

We hope that the information we provide above can provide many benefits to all of you who have read it. If there is anything that makes you confused, please just ask us through the comments field below. We’ll be happy to answer any incoming questions.

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