Why did I not give up after losing in forex trading?

Why did I not give up after losing in forex trading?

If you are in a state like mine, spend $ 200,000 in three months, what do you do? Many people answer me to give up. And also, it seems very possible for me to save money. What’s more, spending time buying the market every night after I get home from work is difficult for me. However, I am very motivated to make forex trading a successful business for me! Every morning, every time I get out of bed, I’m really afraid to compete with this meaningless life. Even though my career can be said to be at a relatively early stage, I can ensure that I do nothing to gain financial freedom. But this work will be a routine, even my destiny, for the next thirty years or maybe before! I have to spend most of my work hours all my life just working to get a salary. Fighting in the midst of a political office to climb the company ladder that is meaningless! Isn’t that what you have been doing for years?

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Don’t get caught up in self-limiting beliefs.

I was determined not to make myself trapped on this road. I believe that everyone has decided to get out of the life competition. So he will be motivated to take concrete action in making payment decisions.

Questions from many people: What can I do to get out of competition for life and achieve financial freedom? What business can I start? I have no capital!

Of course to start a business, what comes to mind is how to get out of this life competition. However, what really allowed me was the wealth of capital and with my agreement, I did not understand the type of business that was more suitable for me. I believe this is more focused on the minds of many people who are supportive enough to agree to this!

Forex trading is the best investment choice.

As I will share with you in the next chapter. I am sure that the Forex trading business is far more valuable than other traditional businesses. Maybe you have transacted professionally. Some of you may have traded stocks, options, or futures markets. Of course, I started by trading on these instruments.

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One important thing to mention here is that when I switch to Forex trading transactions. I realized that I was a much more successful broker. I understand that currency trading requires less analysis and time (I only need an average of two or three hours per day). And make more money for me! In fact, I would recommend it as the best trading instrument for the average retail investor.

To shorten a long story, I finally generated a trading income that consistently exceeded my previous salary. And I should have planned to quit my job. I have been trading forex professionally even since I have never looked back! I believe that many of you are joining me as a professional Forex broker!

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