Why do the majority of traders end with losses?

Why do the majority of traders end with losses?

The majority of traders end up with losses is a sure and real thing right now, if you are influenced by someone because forex really benefits you wrong wrong!Almost all traders start looking for the best trading system that will become their money field. Not many people want to try to tell traders that no matter how sophisticated the system is, they will still suffer losses. But naturally not many people want to say this because traders also won’t listen.


Why do the majority of traders end with losses?

There are traders who turn their small accounts into large accounts in the blink of an eye and other traders strive to die to return capital throughout their career in trading. How can two traders who have the same teaching, use the same material but have far different results? How can one trader kill the market and one is killed by the market?

Trader ends with losses

You must know that the difference between these two traders lies in the mindset.Traders who regularly take money from different-minded markets. These thoughts then turn into different actions and end up with different results.

So the next question is how do these people have different thoughts? Successful traders will approach the market from a different perspective. These traders see the market as a vehicle to make money and they realize that:

  • The market is neutral and not to play or fight traders.
  • The market does not come out to get anyone.
  • Prices rise and fall only because other traders bid higher or lower, not because of news or external factors. News does not make prices higher. This might change a trader ‘s view of what should happen and make the trader trade so as to make the market higher or lower. But if something big happens in the news, the only reason the price changes is because someone is trading using the news as part of their analysis to trade.
  • Everyone will experience defeat and loss is an unavoidable part of doing business.
  • The market is not there to make traders happy or feel better. Trading for a game sensation or increasing a trader’s feeling is a gamble.


The mind is very strong. Thinking right thoughts can bring actions that flow to positive results. One of the thoughts and emotions of a trader that is felt regularly is fear. No matter how hard a trader tries to eliminate this feeling, he will still be there. This is what traders think, while this emotion will determine the outcome.

When experiencing fear, an amateur trader will start trading mistakes, including things like the following:

  • Play with stops and targets during trading.
  • Take advantage too fast.
  • Allowing trading to continue when they realize that trading should be closed.
  • Entering trades that are less than ideal for fear of losing your chance or money.

These are just a few examples of actions that amateur traders often do that can suck them into bad results.

So the conclusion is, if you really want to change the final result then you need to change the way you think about the market and then correct the actions you will take. Instead of being dropped by fear, inhale and think about what a professional trader will do. Professional traders have plans and will continue to adhere to the plan at all times. They realize when fear begins to enter and make plans as number one shield. If you already know the secret, never be included as a trader, end up with more losses.

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