Why do we transact in Forex Trading?

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Why do we transact in Forex Trading?

There are many people who have talked about Forex trading for life. Of course, there are many books that have explained how to make a fortune from trading in the markets. however, many people fall into this forex trading game. That looks fancy and makes easy profits.

Dear respected forex traders, allow me to explain your perspective to you right in the beginning. Forex trading is not as easy as it sounds! That is, the physical action of forex trading is easy, but bringing money consistently is certainly not easy. If so, everyone will quit their jobs and practically become rich every night!

Transaction is just like any other skill you have mastered. Or other experiences that you have done. This cannot be misunderstood as an activity to get rich quickly. This requires commitment and effort to master this skill. I can say safely that my skills in trading Forex are a far greater value to me than my Honors Class One or any other qualifications that I have! This is a skill that lasts a lifetime, unlike a degree or diploma.

Stick to the obstacles to success in forex trading.

In the process of mastering recession-resistant skills, you will be bound to deal with many obstacles. Many people give up as soon as they realize that it’s not as easy as they think. This is the reason why I want to prepare your mindset, right from the start, to understand Forex trading with the right mindset. So you will not be easy to hesitate anymore. Even since I started leading a training program on Forex trading. I decided to be different from many other teachers who made trading so easy. I believe that it is very important to ensure that my students are prepared to face the inevitable challenges that come. That is when they begin this precious journey. This ensures that they are more suitable for success like I am in the trade!

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The first and foremost, is that we need clarity about the motivation behind our decision to begin the journey about Forex trading. Of course, it’s true “WHY” you do something more important than “HOW” you do it !.

Many people will say that the goal is of course to make more money! After all, what other reasons can arise? However, more precisely, we recognize that we want money for the purpose of earning money. We need clarity about why we want money. We need to be more concrete about setting goals for ourselves.

For example, I want to make money so that I can do things that I really care about. In my opinion, Forex trading allows me to free myself from dependence on a job for money. So I have time to do things that are more meaningful to me. For example, spending time with my family, doing volunteer work, and so on. This also gives me money to get a comfortable life when supported by wealth that is meaningful to me. Finally, in managing our financial goals, clarity is needed about why we want a certain amount of money. Money is a point towards the end, and not an end in itself.

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