Advantages of Automated Trading System (EA)

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Advantages of Automated Trading System (EA)

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Advantages of Automated Trading System (EA)

Online forex trading can be combined with trading and automatic trading. Trading platforms provided by online forex brokers allow the use of automated trading systems. In MT4 platform, this is called EA (expert advisor). So what are the advantages of automatic trading system?

Here are some advantages of automated trading systems:

Trading without emotion

The first is the striking thing about the difference between manual trading and automatic trading. Unlike humans, trading robots will never be misled by emotions, and are not affected by the psychology of the trader. Transactions are executed automatically after trading rules are already programmed by the trader. No matter what market conditions are in progress.

Automated trading is the best way in trading market entry decisions without emotions and psychological problems.

Monitor 24-hour market conditions

No human trader can monitor 24 hours market for 5 trading days. Unless you form a team that contains at least 3 people, so everyone has a quota to monitor the market 8 hours a day (allotment of working time in Indonesia). Traders who want to use automatic trading usually want the trading system able to get optimal results. So that trader does not have to worry again has missed some trading opportunities because the forex robot will do monitoring for him.

This is a great way for you to save time and do business or other activities that are more profitable. Let the money work for you.

Quick identification and reaction

The difference in the time of entry (entry) or exit (exit) of the market gives a big difference on the results of trading itself. A Forex robot executes trading in a fraction of a second and profit from sudden pair price movements. It uses computer speed to monitor markets and identify trading opportunities based on code rules and execute trading by rules in a fraction of a second. Once the position is entered, all other orders are automatically generated, including stop loss and profit targets. You will see that you will never run out of trading opportunities.

Automated Trading Plan

A good robot program gives you an automated trading plan. Robot trading must also implement the trading plan. Automated trading assures you that robots are really disciplined to stick to a plan no matter what the market conditions are. But this is also a big disadvantage when the market movement is very sharp or trading style that is not in accordance with current market conditions.

Well, there are many more advantages of automated trading and discussed above the new beberapanya. Some traders view or choose automatic trading even though they know there are still shortcomings.

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