Where’s Your Choice, Trading Manual or Automatically?

Where’s Your Choice, Trading Manual or Automatically?


Where’s Your Choice, Trading Manual or Automatically

Forex traders always debate which trading method is better: does manual forex trading or better use trading robots to automate trading? Many people may be very stubborn about this regardless of which side they choose. Some say the manual is more secure and controlled, or it also says automated trading using a trading robot is more convenient.

Few illustrations that many are commercializing or selling robot trading that imaged good and reliable (tough). Traders who want to get rich quick with shortcuts will definitely be tempted by the offer of this trading robot. Many cases of robot sellers eventually scam because it failed to provide robots profit.

But what we say here as a perfect trading robot is one you make yourself. You may be a programmer who spends hours, weeks and months creating robots that work for you, or you can be a manual trader who has his own trading strategy programmed into the robot from a skilled professional programmer.

So in other words I see a trading robot as a computer software specially designed to follow your trading terms and regulations. So like any other version of you, it’s just automatic and all it does is just analyze and trade in the forex market for 24 hours a day. You can also spend 24 hours a day, but obviously this will not last long.

And also have in mind that the trading robot can be fully automatic or can be semi-automatic. The robot can also be fully automated, but you can switch on and off whenever you feel the need to do so. It’s like having an employee who never sleeps and never gets emotional and just does what you tell him to do.

Some may refer to trading robots as automated trading systems, some may call expert advisors (EA, MT4 terms), others just call them Forex robots. No matter what name you use to describe computer software that can be semi-automatic or fully automated, they can be programmed to make your life easier.

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