Excess Trading Manual Compared Auto Trading

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Excess Trading Manual Compared Auto Trading


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Excess Trading Manual Compared Auto Trading

Trading forex manually and using automatic trading can be said to have the same opportunities. Each has advantages and disadvantages. All depends on the individual trader who runs. Adjusting to individual capabilities in terms of time, energy and other sides that are not less important.

Manual trading also has advantages. All trading decisions are based on logical reasoning logic that can develop and make quick decisions in case of errors. Plus the intuition of traders who are able to see market conditions. Here are some of the best points of trading advantages using manual methods.

Challenge your discipline and psychology

Trading manual will indeed test the trader’s discipline. In addition, price fluctuations in the market are able to shake the mental and psychological traders. Especially when the loss is small. The trader will be faced with the choice of decision whether to cut loss now or wait for the price to return as expected and let the losses drag on.

Decisions made perfect

Although robots can perform extraordinary tasks, humans can even do more than what robots do. Trading robots can only execute trades based on pre-programmed conditions, whereas people can take into account everything that happens, including fundamentals that may occur suddenly, and process them all simultaneously.

Some rules must be violated

Although the trading system applied in the robot program and tailored to the manual trading system, like or dislike there are some trading rules that can not be applied to the robot program. The trader’s intuition in assessing whether trends are happening in the market, what drivers will emerge (fundamental economic data) and others, can not be owned by a robot program that depends on mathematical logic.

Robots always lose the “sixth sense”

Finally, as a robot that has no emotion, they do not have the “intuition” that every trader has because it is important in forex trading. Those who have this ability will not rely on the performance of robots in trading. They are skilled traders who are accustomed to getting profits manually in the market.

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