All Can Be Entrepreneurs

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Can everyone be an entrepreneur? yes this is a question that is often asked and complained by many friends and family to themselves 🙂can I become an entrepreneur? Both of my parents are just ordinary employees and / or I have no inheritance to be used as venture capital 🙁 it is true at first glance but if we trace the footsteps of successful entrepreneurs there are so many of them who run their businesses with ZERO Dollar.

And many circulate among the general public that to be able to become a businessman, the requirement is to come from the entrepreneur’s family as well. This myth has been widely believed and ingrained so that it unsettles itself. But after reading his book UST. Yusuf Mansur, entitled All Can Be Personal Entrepreneurs, became convinced that it was only a myth that had never been proven.
All can indeed be entrepreneurs because this is the destiny of human beings who always need a sale or purchase transaction or barter to meet the needs of life. And whether they have become entrepreneurs or not is a life desire they have chosen. Please note that there is nothing wrong with this choice whether to be an entrepreneur or not because both are having the same goal of enjoying life for a more eternal life and this is nothing wrong 🙂
So if you still think that if you want to become an entrepreneur, you must come from a business family, so please throw that thought into the sea or the abyss, because you will never be able to make you develop into a better mind ( Open Mind & Positive Thinking ).

To be an entrepreneur, the first requirement is that you have to have strong intentions and commitments, that’s all, while money in the form of capital is the umpteenth entrepreneur in the order. The second capital that is no less important is intellectual capital or capital can be said that is what really determines how your business will develop later.

And we need to be grateful that the intellectual capital we have cultivated from birth to the present with the people who are most instrumental in this matter are our parents who have provided the best education up to now.

Intellectual capital has been owned by humans since when it was born to the earth including me and you 🙂 and this capital is what we must use to create opportunities and success in doing business. We have to get money because to hone intellectuals sometimes it requires money, so? .
Almost all successful entrepreneurs start with intellectual capital. For example, Bill Gates, with intellectual capital, is able to create business opportunities that until now we enjoy his products, he is the Microsoft boss, the LEGEND as well as other financial figures such as Warren Buffet or others.
So do you still think like that again? throw away that thought buddy !!! Wake up from a long sleep and now it’s time to pursue Dreams, especially for those of you who are looking to become entrepreneurs.
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