Top Twenty 20 Online Business Ideas

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Top Twenty 20 Online Business Ideas

If we have previously discussed the top ten 10 online business ideas , this time we will discuss the top twenty 20 online business ideas so that the total online business ideas that we have collected are 30 business ideas. So if you are looking for ideas to do business online maybe some of these ideas can inspire you to work immediately.


Of the several online business ideas below you can develop it yourself according to the experience you have had because the idea must be a lot of references. And then you can use online media as a marketing tool that is cheaper and more effective to reach potential customers.

Top Twenty 20 Online Business Ideas

  1. Online Shop
  2. Home design services
  3. private lessons
  4. Affiliate Business
  5. Article writing services
  6. Logo creation services, stamps and so on
  7. Job search services
  8. Travel agent
  9. Translator services
  10. Thesis-making services or student final assignments
  11. Diet Consultant
  12. Online payment services
  13. SEO Services Provider
  14. Tour Guide
  15. Shirt and Shirt Designers
  16. Sales of used goods
  17. Auction service
  18. Restaurant map
  19. Sports provider
  20. Jewelry design services

# No.1 Online Business Idea

This number one (1) online business idea is already practiced by many people, maybe one of them is you. But if you are still confused about what online business? and apparently you don’t have an online shop so you can consider having it especially if you already have products that are ready for sale.

Actually having an online shop is the same as having an offline store that you open in supermall, market, roadside, or house / shop. So that you also have to treat it like when you have an offline store only when you have an online shop means you don’t have to have an offline store that requires very expensive fees whether you buy / rent.

You may only need a storage warehouse or you don’t even need to have it because the product you are selling can be stored at the supplier.

# No.2 Online Business Ideas

If you are an interior / exterior / art design graduate or someone who has the expertise to design a house then you can open a home design service (interior / exterior) online so you can have a job that you can do just at home.

This online business idea might be a business idea that you deserve to run, remembering that home is the main requirement needed by each individual. So that most likely this business is a business that will bring many benefits.

Because all you need is a set of design software and creative ideas, so the cost / capital is not too big.

# Online Business Ideas No.3

In the past, to find private tutors, at least we could look for them in the classified ad column in the newspaper or through the leaflets given in front of the school. But in this day and age whose name is looking for private tutors, we no longer need to bother to buy newspapers and look for them through the classified ad column, but we can look for them directly through google or internet.

If you are someone who likes to teach even if you are a graduate of education then why not open private lessons online rather than have to wait to become a civil servant whose competition is very very tight. Aside from being a private tutor, you can also be a distributor of teaching staff and prospective students who will be taught.

I think this business prospect is still very wide open and long-term business category because the name of education is definitely needed by every individual until the end of his life.

So the game is open before competing with me later 🙂 hehehehe ….

# Online Business Ideas No.4

This number 4 business idea is a business idea that uses the concept without our products still being able to sell and make big profits by becoming an affiliate of a market place or online store that has goods / services. Affiliate is like a broker who is in charge of finding customers for the service provider / goods and will benefit if the customers he carries to shop or use the services offered.

To join this affiliate program is very easy and the potential to get benefits is also very tempting.

The key to success running this affiliate program is the same as the concept of running your own online store. You also have to do promotions so that many customers are interested in buying the goods / services that you offer so that the percentage of profits will be even greater.

# Online Business Idea No.5

The next online business idea is for those who like to write (blogger / publisher) and know the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the online business idea of ​​article writing services can be an option. The thing to note is that you must be a professional and broad-minded writer because your customers have different backgrounds.

This online business cannot be underestimated because the price is fantastic for every word.

So, if you are a person who likes to write then why not open an article writing service even if you are only able to write articles for a particular theme then you can tell / explain it to your potential customers about this.

# Online Business Ideas No.6

Well, this one online business idea is perfect for those who like creative scribbling or drawing and instead of using scribbled marks there is no result so you can pour your hobby into online business by opening logo creation, stamp, and so on.

Hobbies channeled money can.

Do not be underestimated for this one business because the price of the company logo is expensive because the logo shows or describes the company.

# Online Business Ideas No.7

If previously we have already discussed about online dating search business ideas, this time we will provide other online business ideas that can provide huge benefits to your site visitors, namely online business services, job seeker services. Like Jobstreet, JobsDB, Lockers, and so on.

If you have ever been a Job Seeker, you must have felt how it feels “you have graduated from school, but how hard is it to find a job?” If you ever know how to find various job openings easily, why not share the information with others online.

Besides you can find a job by opening a job search service you can also help other friends get the job that they want.

# Online Business Ideas No.8

If you are someone who likes / likes to visit tourist attractions and it turns out you have visited many beautiful places in Indonesia and abroad then why not open a travel agent!

Even so the travel agent’s online business idea is very suitable also for those who want to travel to many places but do not have enough funds so you can open a travel agent to finance your trip.

For this online business idea you can specialize as a travel agent in a particular area or if you can indeed be a travel agent around the world because it has many friends around the world then it is very good to help grow your business as a travel agent.

# Online Business Ideas No.9

If you are someone who is able to master several languages ​​(Indonesian, English, French, Japanese, Korean, etc.) then you can run an online business translation services idea which of course you have to work professionally, one of which is able to maintain the confidentiality of data / documents that you are translate.

You may not redistribute data / documents that you have translated commercially or non-commercially.

To run this online business you do not need to spend a lot of money because what is needed is only good language skills, a PC, and a website as a marketing medium.

# Online Business Ideas No.10

This 10 (ten) number online business idea is perfect for those of you who have extensive knowledge and especially for those who like to learn and experiment with science.

To run this online business, you can work independently or in groups, but it is recommended that you work in groups so that your number of customers is more than if you work independently.

To run this online business you do have to have experience working on the final project so that at least you know what formats are used to create a final project document (D1, D3, S1, S2, and S3) and find out what complaints are being faced by customers You.

In addition you or your group must be able to translate the ideas / objectives of the final project topic delivered by your customers so that the final project will be easier and more timely.

# 11 Online Business Ideas

I am sure that this online business idea is a business idea that can give you lots of benefits. But this online business idea must use healthy and fit public figures and those who understand science in nutrition.

The idea of ​​an online business in question is a diet consultant business that is a business that helps those who have weight problems ( over weight ).

Why I say that this business idea is a business idea that can provide you with lots of benefits!Because the more days more and more people are having problems with health, especially regarding their weight so that there will definitely be many people who are looking for ways so that their weight is not problematic by finding a diet consultant first.

# Online Business Ideas No.12

More and more people are doing online shopping because online shopping has a lot of convenience, especially the ease of buying products whose positions are anywhere and even across countries. Because of this, various payment systems are needed, such as Paypal, Credit Card, Skrill, and so on.

Not all potential customers of e-commerce, especially e-commerce originating from abroad, have payment tools such as Paypal, Credit Card, Skrill, or others. And even if you have a Credit Card, you may not immediately dare to shop for goods which are certainly for security reasons / fear.

Well this is the reason that is the basis of this online business idea that is providing online payment services for those who do not have a payment tool provided by an online store.

To get a profit, you can apply a fee for each purchase transaction (10% or more per transaction) and you can also specify a minimum fee for each transaction.

# Online Business Ideas No.13

Now this is the next online business idea that is suitable for you a blogger who likes to tinker with keywords or niches to be able to sit on the first page of google or search engines, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

If you are a person who is good at SEO then why don’t you open SEO services to help others so that their business (blog / web) can sit on the first page of Google and of course you will get paid to do this.

This service is not too cheap to be used as an online business idea. You can get a lot of profit when running this business idea because you are only required to always be able to make a keyword from the address of a website able to be on the first page of google / search engines.

Before you open SEO services, please prove that you really are able to make a keyword on the first page of search engines.

# Online Business Ideas No.14

This online business idea may still have something to do with the number 8 online business idea that is a travel agent but here you provide tour guide services which means you provide a guide service that is able to explain every place your customers want to visit.

# Online Business Ideas No.15

This online business idea is still related to the art of drawing but what is drawn here is not paper or wall but a shirt. If you have drawing skills with a specific theme then you can open a t-shirt design service.

Thank God if you also provide T-shirt sales services.

And I think T-shirts are a secondary need that has its own market especially ABG who always want to be stylish and look different so this business idea is worth a try.

# Online Business Ideas No.16

Actually we have discussed it in the top ten 10 online business ideas for business ideas this time, namely the services of second-hand merchants through a buying and selling website.

But because this is a very good idea, it’s okay if we rewrite it in this page.

So here you act as a broker for visitors and sellers of used goods.

And you benefit from premium ads or google adsense.

# Online Business Idea No.17

If you know and have even been an auction participant then you can open an auction service and of course you have to look for bidders. Here is like you open one of the systems in the pawnshop, namely auction services.

You can provide a simple auction procedure, which is the item search procedure to be auctioned, the price bidding procedure, and the procedure for determining the auction winner.

# Online Business Ideas No.18

This online business idea is specifically for those of you who like adventure with food from one place to eat to the next. If you like to eat and comment on the taste of food so that it can be used as a reference for others, why don’t you try making a restaurant map service.

You can display all the restaurants in a city and of course you give an assessment in the form of rating / description for each restaurant. And this assessment will help visitors map your restaurant to decide where to eat.

# Online Business Ideas No.19

If you like to wrestle with the world of sports, the following online business ideas are very suitable to run, namely to open a sports equipment store online. Aside from being able to be channeled properly you will also be able to get extra money from online stores, of course 🙂

You can start selling sports equipment that you are involved in (eg martial arts, basketball ball, soccer or other sports equipment).

# Online Business Ideas No.20

Again online business ideas related to an art but this time is an online business idea of ​​jewelry design services. This business idea was inspired by Kendra Scott’s success, a housewife who was able to successfully run a jewelry business in the US with an initial capital of $ 500.

So if you have interesting ideas about jewelry, then why not monetize that creativity to make money.

Now that was a number of online business ideas that can be done by most people including you and me. so don’t miss it to contribute to this profitable virtual world and hopefully it can help you find inspiration to work 🙂 if you have some crazy business ideas don’t hesitate to share with us.

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